Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sepak Takraw Lab C

Overall, I believe Lab C was a success. For out international lab my partner and I decided to teach Sepak Takraw from Malaysia. Sepak Takraw is like a combination of volleyball and soccer. There are three players on each team and the game is played with only using your feet. I taught the cues of both serving and receiving the takraw ball. I felt very comfortable teaching however, I am still having trouble with coming up with progressing skills and challenges to help maintain the attention of the class. After talking to Professor Yang he helped me realize some adjustments that could be made to further help my professional teaching experiences. After listening to Professor Yang I feel very confident with the upcoming Lab D.

After viewing my video I discovered several things I could do better while teaching. For example, I made the mistake of telling the class they could go where ever they wanted in the gym. This made it difficult for me to give everyone feedback because I was either on one side or the other. In addition, I should have been more prepared when coming up with tasks and challenges I imagined having several nets set up so the students could be spaced out. However, when I arrived there was only one large volleyball net, this in no way is an excuse I should have figured this out prior to teaching. Furthermore, while the class performing the first task I noticed that Anthony and Laura were not performing the task I was trying to teach. I noticed in the video that I was clearly looking right at them and nothing registered in my mind.

After filling out the Time Coding sheet I noticed that my final score was relatively lower than normal. Although the activity percent was just about where I wanted it to be at 50 percent several others were lacking. There was far to much instructional time. The recommended amount is around 30 percent I was at 47 percent. For my lab D I hope to have a better proportion of the two.

Time Coding Sheet

I was a little disappointed with the amount of feedback I gave during this International Lab. Usually my strong point is giving feedback to the class and individual students. However, I believe having the net in the middle of the gym made it difficult for me to successfully give feedback to every student. In addition, I should have changed the task to keep the classes attention. If the students were getting bored or were excelling I should have made a variation whether it be to add another student or change the type of ball.

Feedback Analysis