Monday, October 25, 2010

255 Lab B2

I believe this lab was another step in the right direction to finding my own teaching techniques. I taught the class about the different ways to catch the pull in the Ultimate Frisbee. The pull is one of the most important aspects in Ultimate Frisbee. The pull determines how far your opponent must travel to the end zone. I believe I was successfully able to teach the class about these two techniques. However, my drill was a bit elementary. As we progress throughout the class the drills and challenges are supposed to progressively get harder. However, I noticed many students losing interest in my drill because of the lack of difficulty. After talking to Professor Yang we discussed different ways in which I could enhance the difficulty of the challenges to keep them interested.

After looking at my time coding sheet. I was able to figure out that I gave a little bit too much instruction as I would have liked to. In addition, I ran several minutes over the time limit because I forgot to keep an eye on my watch. I had an idea of this however I was waiting for one of the TA's to let me know that I was close to the limit. Next time it is essential that I keep and eye on my watch to help further enhance my lesson.

Time Coding Sheet

In addition, after viewing my Verbal Transcript I came to many realizations. For example, I found out that I say "you guys" a lot. This could eventually become a problem if someone were to get angry even though I mean nothing at all by it. Professor Yang discussed this one day in class and I had no idea until listening to my MP3 that I had to break this bad habit of mine. Furthermore, I realized that when I get nervous I tend to say "um". After, Greg ask me a question that I did not know the answer of, I noticed that I said "um" several times. It is a goal of mine to get rid of these poor habits to become a much better teaching and speaker.

Verbal Transcript

Also, I was very satisfied with the amount of Feedback I gave the class. I believe that giving feedback is important because you can let the student know better ways to improve on a particular skill or to boost their confidence. I gave several students relevant feedback but my ultimate goal is to be able to give every student feedback individually during my lesson. This may not have been possible during the time I had last lesson but I believe I can improve for Lab C and D.

Feedback Analysis

Sunday, October 3, 2010

255 Lab B1

First of all, I believe this Lab was very helpful.  This was my first experience in which I had to teach something that I did not play as a kid or in high school.  I believe that I am progressing in finding my own teaching technique and personality.  While preparing for this lab I practiced several times in front of my roommates which I believe made me feel a lot more comfortable.  However, there were a couple of down falls in my lesson.  For example, I forgot to introduce myself.  Also, I forgot to demonstrate the actual activity.  I gave the class some easy to comprehend cues but never actually demonstrated the activity.  If I could do this particular lab again I would demonstrate the correct way as well as the incorrect way to show the class the differences.  However, the class was able to comprehend the cues and was successfully able to demonstrate the activity.  Also, I still must work on using my voice, while watching the video I noticed that at some times my voice is very low and hard to understand.  Furthermore, I should have hung my visual aid up so everyone could see it, instead of just walking around and holding it.  This will allow me to be able to move around the class with ease. However, I was very satisfied with the amount of feedback I was able to give.  Overall, I believe the experience was a good one and I look forward to my next teaching experience.