Monday, September 20, 2010

255 A2

I believe this experience went better than the last.  I tried my hardest to work as much of the C9 sheet into my lesson plan as possible.  After watching I noticed that I did use a hook however, I could have had more confidence when delivering it.  I am slightly disapointed that I did not use a signal of attention.  This was one of my main points I wanted to use and rehearsed and I completely forgot. I believe I did a good job for the short amount of time given.   However, I feel like I was unable to give as much feedback as needed, which could have been due to the lack of time. Which is due to my lack of time management.  Also my drill was the same because the drills I had planned to use were used by another teacher prior to my turn.  Which should not be used as an excuse I good teacher should have several different drills at any given time.  I believe I did improve in using my voice more and preparation.  I look forward to our next teaching experience and continuing to proceed in my career choice.

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  1. I'm glad to see that you have been practicing. Practice, practice, and more practice will help you improve even more than you already have from the first day of class. Incorporating all aspects of the C9 form will become easier with time. Keep up the practice!