Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All for one and one for all...Nutrition

I believe the Games the Lunch Crunch and Juice Jumble are a very good way to teach younger students about proper nutrition. These games are meant to inform the students about healthy and unhealthy foods. Many children enjoy playing games and these two allow the children to play games that they love while learning as well. I believe this game is more suitable for younger children because it was a little boring for a person of my age. However, the message the games are trying to send is very important. It is necessary for students to understand the importance of eating healthy. This knowledge will give the students the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. These two particular games could be used in a physical education setting or in a classroom setting. Either way it is important for students to learn these nutritional facts at a young age.

The game play of these games is very quick and I often found myself struggling to take pictures during the games because everything was moving very quickly. This is good because it will keep the students very involved and trying to think quickly. These games are excellent for nutritional facts as well as hand eye coordination. Overall, I believe these games are an excellent way to inform the students on important lifelong facts.

Below are some activities and lessons other teachers can to further there lesson/unit.

Lesson Plan

Task Progression


Answer Key

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