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Nick Iannuzzi's EDU 255 Final: Part 1b and 1c

1. The website is from Toronto, ON Canada. The school is located in South Saskatoon, Canada.In addition, there is another school in the film that is located in Naperville Chicago, USA.

2. I found this new piece to be very interesting. The video shows that students sometimes believe we know everything about physical fitness. This is just like younger kids who believe they know everything at such a young age. The film brought forward information about how physical activity affects the growing of brain cells and the ability to learn new information. I was surprised to see the impact of physical activity and the effects it had on the students making them more attentive and more focused. I was also surprised to see the results in which physical activity yielded for the students. The students were no longer acting inappropriately in many cases and wished to attend class. The video showed a child with ADHD could benefit from simple daily exercise. For instance Naperville High School uses a lot of fitness and movement in the class room. This is important because it helps keep the attention of the students so they are not bored and acting out because of this. In addition, I found it especially interesting that raising the heart rate, turned on different parts of the brain that have to do with controlling impulses, which is why exercise is stressed for managing the behavior of a class. This makes me wonder what could have been in some of my high school classes if exercise was stressed as done in the Naperville school. Although I had great opportunities to learn there were some individuals who acted out like many of the children in this particular video.

3. I believe we did not hear about about PE teachers throughout the video because they were probably the standard and plain physical educators most of us had throughout our schooling years. The teacher probably just rolled out a ball and watched the children play like is so common in many school districts. To ensure that my PE program will benefit the students and faculty I will try to incorporate other areas in which the students are learning such as math skills, or history. This will make the students learn on different levels besides just pyschomotor. My ultimate goal would to have my students develop mentally and physically in my physical education program.

4.The outcomes of this program were to help students become physically active, help them be able learn and focus, as well as help them with behavioral issues. Students were able to read and comprehend at higher levels then when they started. The news piece stated that students were able to move up an entire grade. This is extremely important because it shows the success of the program. Students became much happier with their reading and writing skills and one could notice a change in the attitude of the students. I was not surprised with their findings because they put in a lot of research. In addition, I expected the children to be happier because they were learning and relating to the other children, which gave them a form of acceptance and belonging. The outcomes of this particular program are directly related to the NYS standards. For example, the program met both aspects of standard 1. The program had students becoming competent and able to perform different basic motor skills. This was done by having the students perform different motor skills using equipment such as the treadmill. Standard 2 was also met by this program because students were able to control their behavior and manage their own behavior. The students were able to improve their behavior in the classroom and socially. This is because students were feeling more comfortable as they were learning more and more. Standard 3 was also met, even though the equipment was donated, however the students were able to use resources in order to demonstrate the ability to exercise outside of the school setting. Some students talked to their parents and made plans to exercise outside of school whether it be walking around together or performing life long physical fitness.

5.BDNF stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a neuro growth factor which is like miracle growth for the brain. BDNF helps support the survival of existing neurons and encouraging the growth of new neurons and synapses. It ultimately makes the brain cells stronger. Aerobic activity such as running, walking, swimming, or jumping rope help develop an overall effective brain. There are two books mentioned throughout the video. The first is called Spark by John Ratey. In addition the second book is The Kinesthetic Classroom by Traci Lengel and Mike Kuczala.

Part 1C

There several categories students can be competent and proficient in. Such categories include Team Passing Activities, Net/Wall Activities, Target Activities, Striking Fielding Activities, Aquatics, Dance & Aesthetic, Outdoor, Fitness and Personal Performance Activities. Within these categories are numerous activities that students can take part in, and may develop such skills they wish to take part in through school activities such as sports. Students may participate in skills or activities they have never thought about. Our class is a perfect example of this. In class we have not only participated in various activities such as International games, and technology based activities, but we have also had the chance to teach these various activities. This has created a chance for us teacher candidates to experience different teaching techniques and ways to keep our students involved and wanting to take part in PE. In some schools, students who participate in sports do not have to take part in PE, or receive special treatment because of this. I believe the recommended regent's level for LS #1A should be around 90 %. I believe this is an adequate percentile because some students may have a category in which they struggle or need work at. This provides the students to work on these various skills to become competent. 90 % of the senior class should be competent in 6 activities and proficient in 3 in 3 different activity categories because the students have worked on these various activities throughout their educational careers.

I believe 90% of students should be able to meet "competency" in their Personal Fitness Plan for the regents level for LS #1B. Students should be competent and be able to perform different tests to show this. Such tests include cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength tests in order to design a fitness plan to show their understanding and to meet goals in which they have previously set. After taking Health Related Fitness, I was able to create my own physical fitness test and reach my own personal goals in all of these categories. Students should be able to create their own fitness plans in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle based on their own personal needs.

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